Lower School

With the help of a nurturing, inquisitive, and highly dedicated faculty, every child is enriched, stretched, and an active participant in their learning. We are committed to fostering the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth of each student. In support of the school’s mission statement, the Lower School works to develop every child’s creativity, personal confidence, social awareness, and independent thinking within a developmentally appropriate and challenging program. Children learn best in a stimulating and supportive atmosphere, one where each student is encouraged to be a responsible member in the classroom and school. Our students and teachers demonstrate honor, truth, and wisdom in all we do. When they learn by doing, they begin to connect one idea to another, a process that continues as they grow and develop into more abstract, critical thinkers for the challenges of the 21st Century. Beginning in Kindergarten and first grade, the integrated curriculum incorporates hands-on and engaging activities with age-appropriate goals. It emphasizes building new knowledge upon prior knowledge with the active involvement of each student in their own learning. We have a culture of collaboration and curiosity weaved into every lesson. Maintaining small class sizes allow teachers to give careful attention to individual needs with differentiating the curriculum while enabling students to work collaboratively, collegially, and respectfully with others. As students make continued growth and move towards more abstract inferential thinking and reasoning, the curriculum is broadened to teach important skills in a meaningful, systematic way so that students have the strong foundation of knowledge essential for future academic success.
The Lower School offers a blend of enrichments including music, physical education, art, faith formation, library/media center, technology, math, and Spanish. Students will experience on-campus activities and field trips to enhance units of study in science, history, fine arts, literacy, and other categories. Our students feel free to express themselves and to develop their individual voices with our Responsive Classroom approach to character development. Our community recognizes that young children’s education is continually evolving and therefore we strive to leverage the latest research in pedagogy, social, emotional learning, intentional uses for technology in a classroom setting, and instructional best practices. All Saints is empowering the next generation of strong men and women as passionate leaders; this begins, without a doubt, on the very first day of 3K.

Responsive Classroom

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Lower School Staff

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  • Art
  • Faith Formation
  • Library
  • Math
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • Technology
Recess is scheduled daily on our playground designed for the children’s safety.

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