Continuous Enrollment

Dear All Saints Community,

We’re thrilled to share wonderful news that will make your experience with the re-enrollment process even smoother. Starting in March, we are introducing Continuous Enrollment, a positive change designed to eliminate the tedious task of filling out a contract for your child each year.

All Saints recognizes the value of long-term relationships with families in the education of their children. The Continuous Enrollment process allows you the comfort of knowing your child’s seat is secure. After admission, your child is considered enrolled at All Saints through high school graduation, unless otherwise notified by the parent or the school of a change in this relationship. 

Important Details:
  • For the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, all families will sign the Continuous Enrollment Contract during the re-enrollment period from March 4-22, 2024. This will be the last contract you sign for your child and confirms that your family fully understands the new change. If you know your family will not be returning to All Saints for the 24-25 school year, you must complete the Opt-Out Form
  • Family Individualized Tuition- If you are currently on FIT or need to fill out FIT for the first time, the deadline to apply is February 20, 2024. Start your application or learn more about FIT. 
An Opt-Out deadline date will be provided every year allowing you to notify the school if your child is not returning. After the Opt-Out Date passes, an enrollment fee of $250 will be automatically withdrawn from your Blackbaud Tuition Account in March each year. Don’t worry, we will send out multiple reminders every year prior to the deadline date!

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • What is Continuous Enrollment?

    Continuous Enrollment eliminates the tedious process of filling out a contract every year. This means that your child’s enrollment contract will remain in effect from the initial year of enrollment until they graduate or until the family chooses to opt-out for the following school year. Barring any academic, conduct, or financial issues, an enrollment fee will be automatically drawn from your Blackbaud Tuition Account in March of every year.
  • When does Continuous Enrollment go into effect?

    For the 2024-2025 school year, all families will sign the continuous enrollment contract during the re-enrollment period of March 4-22, 2024 and will be required to input their billing information. Signing the one-time Continuous Enrollment Contract confirms that families fully understand the new policy and requirements. Once complete, your child will continue to stay enrolled at All Saints until graduation and the enrollment fee will automatically be billed to your Blackbaud account each year.
  • How will I know how much Tuition is?

    The Tuition and Fees website page is posted and will be updated each year. An email reminder will go out with the link to this information before the Opt-Out Date every year.
  • How much is my Enrollment Fee and how do I pay?

    The Enrollment Fee lets All Saints know that you are committed to having your children enrolled with us for the next school year. A $250 enrollment fee will be automatically drafted from your Blackbaud Tuition Account on March 4 or when the continuous enrollment contract is signed. It is non-refundable and holds your place for enrollment the following year.
  • Why can't I see my child's tuition on the contract?

    Since the continuous enrollment contract will not be updated each year, we have created this website page to communicate tuition and payment due dates for the 24-25 school year. Families who applied for FIT should have received an email with their customized tuition through Clarity. 
  • Can I still pay by check?

    When signing the contract, you are required to input your payment information. This will also us to automatically withdraw the enrollment fee. However, you are still able to pay tuition by check if preferred. You must mail or turn in the check to the business office at least 10 days before your payment due date. This will ensure that your account is not charged.
  • Will I get a reminder each year before the enrollment fee is drawn from my account?

    Yes, you will receive a continuous enrollment email before the Opt-Out Date, reminding you that you are already enrolled at All Saints and providing information on the Schedule of Tuition and Fees and Family Individualized Tuition (FIT). This will include a reminder if you intend to withdraw to submit your Opt-Out form to the school on or before March 4 to avoid being billed the non-refundable enrollment fee. Various reminders will also be sent out by Division Heads. 
  • How do we Opt-Out of Continuous Enrollment?

    Families must submit the Opt-Out Form if they do not plan on returning the next school year. This form must be submitted prior to or on the Opt-Out deadline to avoid being charged with the non-refundable enrollment fee
  • What if I am currently on FIT or need to apply for FIT?

    Each returning family must submit a FIT application every year to continue to receive a customized tuition for the successive school year. Currently enrolled families may complete an application for FIT starting in December. The business office will then communicate your customized tuition for the successive school year via email. To avoid any delays, the deadline to apply for FIT is February 20, 2024. For more information on the FIT application process, click here
  • Is there a penalty if I Opt-Out and then decide to re enroll later? 

    Families who Opt-Out on or before March 4 and later decide to re-enroll their child must contact the Admission Office for space availability. There will be no guarantee of a seat for your student.
  • What if I do not Opt-Out by March 4, but need to withdraw later?

    Opt-out or withdrawals will be processed based on the following tuition obligation regulations. Note: requests for the transfer of student records and year-end report cards will be processed only when a student's account has been paid in full.
    • Opt-out before or on March 4: Full release from contract and tuition obligation. No continuous enrollment fee will be charged.
    • Withdrawal between March 5 and May 12: Full release from contract and tuition obligation. Continuous enrollment fee is not refundable. 
    • Withdrawal after May 12: After May 12, parents are obligated to pay the full tuition for the successive year and are not entitled to a refund, credit, or to any other adjustment or reduction in tuition and fees. See contract for more information.
  • Who do we contact if we have more questions? 

    You are able to contact Vivian Medina, Admissions Director at (903) 579-6009 or email at

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