Spiritual Life


Episcopalians, like all Christians, believe that our life is founded on the life of Jesus, and that as a Church, we are called to offer the redeeming love of God in Christ to all people. Episcopal schools are a concrete expression of the Church’s care for young people and their families and are of the belief that God calls us to love all of God’s children.  This open, welcoming, and loving attitude toward people of all faith traditions ensures that every child is a beloved member of the school community. 
As an Episcopal School in the more than 300 year tradition of Episcopalians providing excellence in education, All Saints reflects a particular style and temperament that is unique to other private schools.  While independent in mission, operation, and governance, our relationship with the Episcopal Church connects us to the history, tradition, resources, and stability of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas which provides All Saints a foundation that many other private schools lack.  This is especially true in the openness of Episcopal schools to have religiously diverse students and faculty.  Historically of primary concern in Episcopal Schools are excellence in education and the development of character, virtue, and honor. 
There are five qualities of Episcopal education that guide and shape the spiritual environment of All Saints Episcopal School.
  1. An Episcopal School is comprehensive and inclusive.
  2. An Episcopal School values individual freedom and diversity of belief.
  3. The unity of an Episcopal School is grounded in our worship and shared traditions rather than prescribed statements of doctrine.
  4. An Episcopal School values reason as a way to true understanding and personal character as a quality to be admired.
  5. An Episcopal School has a concern for the well-being of society.

Spiritual Life Staff

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Tim Kennedy

    Tim Kennedy 

    Senior Chaplain and Faith Formation Department Chair
    (903) 579-6000
  • Photo of Jordan Chapman

    Jordan Chapman 

    Assistant Chaplain and Middle School Coach
    (903) 579-6000
  • Photo of Kimra Rogers

    Kimra Rogers 

    School Counselor
    (903) 579-6000
  • Photo of Kyle Edgemon

    Kyle Edgemon 

    Assistant Head of School for Student and Faculty Experience
    903-579-6000 x2214
  • Lynda Witzky 

    Early Learning and Lower School Spanish Teacher
    (903) 579-6000
  • Mika Campbell 

    Faith Formation Teacher
    (903) 579-6000