Performing Arts

Lower School

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  • Music Class

    Lower School students explore the world of sound through weekly music classes that implement Kodaly and Orff Schulwerk methods and are lead to explore rhythm, pulse, movement, instruments, singing, and music history.  During the school year, all Lower School students are able to stretch their musical talents and performance skills on the stage in our annual Grandfriends Day program and grade level music programs.

Intermediate School

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  • Fifth Grade Fine Arts Exploration

    Fifth grade students will have the opportunity to explore 3 areas of the performing arts during their first year in intermediate school.  Twelve weeks will be spent in choir, theater, and instrumental music each on a rotating basis.  Choir class will allow students to experience methods of sight-reading and choral singing.  Theater will allow the students exposure to stage craft and script study.  And instrumental music will explore percussion, recorders and handbell music.
  • Sixth Grade Band

    Sixth grade students will begin the process of mastering their chosen instrument starting with the fundamentals of music as well as learning good breathing techniques, proper posture, and sound production.  Students will prepare musical selections for public performance while learning musical fundamentals and adding new terms and definitions to their musical experiences.  This class meets daily for 40 minutes.
  • Sixth Grade Choir

    Sixth grade choir students will continue to learn good vocal production for young people and music theory as it relates to the literature being learned.  Sight-reading curriculum that utilizes the Kodaly method is continued in choir and two part singing is introduced.  Students will sing and perform a variety of music styles including folk, classical, pop, Broadway, jazz, and spirituals. This class meets daily for 40 minutes.
  • Sixth Grade Theatre

    Sixth grade theatre students will begin to build their theatrical knowledge and skills with pantomine, improvisation, and theatre history. Students will have opportunites to participate in showcases during the school year. This class meets daily for 40 minutes.

Middle School

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  • Band

    Middle school band members will continue the process of mastering their instrument through daily rehearsals.  Music theory and notation is studied more in depth, while the arts of tuning, balance, and blend are carefully trained.  The band will prepare musical selections for pep rallies, school functions, football games, basketball games, as well as winter and spring concerts.
  • Choir

    Middle school choir students continue their musical development while learning more about how music is written and its interpretation through daily theory and sight-reading lessons utilizing the Kodaly system of solfege.  The middle school choir students will be involved in 3 performances through the course of the school year.  Additionally, the choir is also involved in TMEA vocal competitions including All-Region Choir and Solo & Ensemble Contests.
  • Theatre

    Middle school students will learn the terminology and vocabulary of the theatre, some of the basic history of man’s search for expression, and will be given ample opportunity to observe and participate in the production process.  Theater classes meet daily and the students are involved in 2 theater showcases during the school year.

Upper School

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  • Band

    The upper school band members will continue to master their instruments through daily rehearsals that focus on tuning, balance, blend, and good sound production.  Students are exposed to new styles of music including marching band and jazz band.  The band will prepare musical selections for pep rallies, school functions, football games, basketball games, as well as winter and spring concerts.  Additionally, upper school band students are involved in ATSSB All-Region & All-State, TAPPS Concert & Sight-Reading, and Solo & Ensemble competitions.  The upper school band has toured and performed in Ireland and Nashville.
  • Choir

    Heart 2 Heart, our Upper School choir, continues to improve vocal production and sight-reading skills, while students are taught to evaluate aesthetics more critically through daily rehearsals.  The Kodaly system of sight-reading is mastered at this level.  Careful attention is paid to good vocal technique through daily warm-ups and vocalizes.  Music theory and history is taught as it applies to the music literature.  Upper school choir students are involved in many performances and contests during the year, including Rose Festival, Madrigal Dinner, Grandfriends Day, TMEA All-Region & All State, TAPPS Concert & Sight-Reading, Solo & Ensemble, Spring Concert, Wounded Warriors, etc.  Heart 2 Heart has also been able to perform at Carnegie Hall and in Killarney, Dublin, Prague, Vienna, and Salzburg.
  • Competition Theatre

    This class is designed for the advanced theatre student (selected through an audition process) interested in furthering their theatrical training by preparing for and participating in competitions such as One Act Play, TAPPS speaking events (in the categories of Poetry, Prose, Solo Acting and Duet Acting,) and National Forensics League tournaments. This class will focus on digging deeper into the actor’s process of bringing a character to life on stage – providing the student the tools they need to be successful in a college/conservatory program should they choose to continue their studies in theatre.
  • Percussion Ensemble

    Percussion Ensemble is a performing ensemble that focuses on all of the different aspects of the percussion family of instruments.  The course is designed to introduce students to the marching percussion instruments, as well as introducing some concert percussion instruments in a small ensemble setting.  Students will have opportunities to perform as both an ensemble and soloist.  Students are encouraged to participate in individual contests with ATSSB, TMEA, or TPSMEA.  Types of public performances include:  football games, basketball games, pep rallies, homecoming activities, solo and ensemble contests, and various public and school performances.
  • Technical Theatre

    This is a hands-on class that will allow students the opportunity to explore many aspects of technical theatre in a practical setting. Topics to be covered include lighting design, sound design, set design and construction, costume design / coordination / construction, prop design and construction, makeup design for the stage, and stage management. Students are able to participate on the crew of school theatrical productions.
  • Theatre Arts

    This course allows students the opportunity to explore the different aspects of theatre and performance in a fun and safe environment.  Emphasis will be on learning and perfecting the basics of acting and production work while exploring auxiliary areas such as improvisation, playwriting, and theatre history. Students in this class will work both to develop their own individual talent and to work effectively and creatively in collaboration with others. Students are involved in showcases throughout the school year and are encouraged to compete in TAPPS contests.

Performing Arts Staff

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    Genevieve Sullivan 

    903-579-6000 ext 3107
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    Ryan Smith 

    Band Director & Fine Arts Chair
  • Photo of Johnny Ray

    Johnny Ray 

    Lower School Choir Teacher
    903-579-6000 x3232

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