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The Upper School at All Saints has a rich tradition of academics and extra-curricular activities that allows students to grow intellectually and personally. The nurturing faculty encourages students to explore opportunities and to expand their minds through a variety of experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom.

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  • Center For Innovation

    The goal of the Center for Innovation is to create spaces that compel students to develop skills and mindsets necessary to succeed in college and in life, such as problem-solving, adaptability, empathy, entrepreneurship and collaboration.
    The Center for Innovation is composed of six key areas:
    • Fab Lab
    • Design Studio
    • Digi Studio
    • Idea Lab
    • E-Cafe
    • VR Room
    Fab Lab (Fabrication laboratory) is a 21st Century workshop offering access to a range of advanced fabrication tools and digital resources to inspire students to turn their ideas into new products and prototypes. The beauty of the Fab Lab is its ability to not only inspire students but to teach them the value of learning, creating and providing the resources to have positive impact beyond the walls of a classroom.
    The Fab Lab features:
    • 3 D Printers – Two Raise3D N2 Dual Extruder printers
      • 3d printers can create a physical model of virtually any shape through the extrusion of plastic based filament (PLA, ABS).
      • Laser Cutter – AP Lazer Cutter
        • Laser cutters utilize a high powered laser to make precision cuts in a variety of materials (wood, metal, stone, acrylic, glass, paper and much more). The laser is accurate to 1/100 of an inch (.01 inches), which allows it to cut very complex, intricate designs. The laser can be programmed to either engrave (raster cut) the surface of the material or cut through the material (vector cut).
        • Milling Machine – Nomad 883 Pro Desktop Miller
          • A milling machine is basically the inverse of a 3D printer. The Nomad 883 allows for rapid prototyping of product designs, building custom circuit boards, production of molds, and more. The Milling machine can be used on wood, mdf, modeling wax, plaster and FR1 circuit board blanks.
          • Vinyl Cutter – Titan 28 Vinyl Master Cutter
            • A vinyl cutter opens a world of possibilities for transferring vinyl designs, printed transfer papers, and sublimation ink designs, to apparel, mugs, other substrates and of course makes great banners.
            • Electronics Bench – Soldering stations, power supplies, arduinos, and more
              • The electronics bench enables students to take their creations to the next level with computer controls, lights, powered motion, and more.
    Design Studio - Students want to engage in — and contribute to — their community.  Having the tools and space to design drives intrinsic motivation and reinforces for students what we already know — that they are a tremendous asset to the communities in which they live.
    The Design Studio features:
    • A Conference Carrel to allow students to work independently or in small groups.
    • Design Stations to provide clear line of sight for group viewing and collaboration and other presentation applications.
    • A powerful computer station with Mac Pros ready for students to engage in high-end design work.
    • Collaborative work areas throughout the Design Studio space.
    The Digi Studio (Digital Video / Audio Recording Studio) allows students to explore the power of the media and produce top quality sound and video work to share with the world.
    The All Saints Center For Innovation Digi Studio features:
    • A fully functioning News Room with:
      • Two ProHD cameras on mobile tripods
      • News desk with teleprompting
      • Green Screen for video production
      • Adaptive lighting with booms and filters
      • Producers desk for broadcasting and streaming
      • An Audio Recording Studio
        • Radio Broadcast Station with producers desk for broadcasting and streaming
        • Mixing board for recording
        • Sound Booth for acoustics
        • ProHD Microphones
    E-Café (Entrepreneur Café) will inspire a entrepreneurial mindset and give a unique learning experience to foster passion and excitement for what it takes to start and run a business. The E-café will be a full service beverage shop with bottled beverages, coffees, and smoothies.
    The E-Café features:
    • A commercial store front bar
    • Digital retail displays for branding, menu presentation, and product placement
    • Digital Brewing System with twin shuttles
    • Double Frozen Beverage Machine for Smoothies and Slushees
    • Double Beverage Cooler for bottled drinks
    Idea Lab (Blended Learning and Conference Hub) is a space for Blended Learning to occur within a state-of-art Conference Hub with tools to make learning global and assessable for all students. The Idea Lab will feature a variety of areas to allow for collaborative learning. Outfitted with video conferencing for up to three sources will allow for distance learning connections across the globe.
    The Idea Lab features:
    • 3 - 50” displays for projection
    • An idea wall with writable surfacing for brainstorming and collaborative work. The wall will also feature storage for printed resources and reference books
    • Café style classroom area for casual class activities
    VR Room (Virtual Reality)
    The VR room is equipped with technologies that include various software and design platforms, headset configurations, workstations, and filming resources to help students experiment and create innovations in the virtual and augmented reality realms. Students will be able to create and experience simulations for classes and design projects across the curriculum.
  • Service Learning

    Upper School students participate in service learning. Projects are coordinated by our Student Senate and allow the student body to extend the school community. These opportunities support the school’s mission of balancing matters of the spirit and the intellect. 
  • Technology

    Technology is an integral part of the student experience at All Saints. A wireless campus allows for the creative use of laptop and tablet technology by students and teachers. The Upper School launched Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). With this program, all Upper School students bring a device daily. We’re excited that this allows students and teachers to leverage technological advances to create a bridge between traditional classroom methods and the latest information and learning methodologies. 
  • Student Experience

    Students from various nations, attracted by an unmatched educational opportunity, represent a growing international population at this independent preparatory school.  Whether in the arts, athletics, community service, student government, or a club, every student can find a rewarding niche in the Upper School.  While the Upper School years are academically challenging and personally rewarding, our graduates agree that All Saints has been worth their effort because they find themselves well prepared for college.
  • National Merit

    We are proud that National Merit Semi-Finalists and Commended Scholars routinely make up 10% of the senior class. Much of this success is realized because Upper School teachers challenge each student to think critically, pose questions, and seek solutions.
Hear from a student! Kayla shares her experience finding community at All Saints as a new student on our faculty-led podcast, "Who's Next."

Upper School Staff

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  • Photo of Sarah White

    Sarah White 

    Head of Upper School
    (903) 579-6000 x 1109
  • Photo of Billy Beasley

    Billy Beasley 

    Upper School Dean of Students and Director of A3 Learning
    (903) 579-6000
  • Photo of Allison Moore

    Allison Moore 

    Upper School Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Miranda Davis

    Miranda Davis 

    Director of the Center for Innovation
    903-579-6000 x1205

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