The All Saints Fund

The All Saints Fund is our annual giving campaign that supports programs that are critical to the All Saints experience. Donations to The All Saints Fund are the additional investment of resources that ensures that we can continue to provide an innovative, creative, and memorable student experience that inspires and engages.
The All Saints Fund strengthens and sustains our operating budget as the cost of tuition does not fully fund our school.  Gifts to The All Saints Fund enable our school to continue to provide the very best educational experience for our students. We ask all families to please make All Saints one of your philanthropies of choice.

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  • We already pay tuition, why do we need to donate money to the school?

    The All Saints Fund helps keep tuitions as low as possible. Like almost all independent schools, tuition does not cover the full cost of an All Saints education. Funds raised through the The All Saints Fund bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the cost of running the school, and provides the added resources in order to take our school from good to great.
  • Who gives to The All Saints Fund?

    Everyone in the All Saints community: parents, grandparents, alumni, Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, and friends of the school.
  • How much should I give?

    What you give is entirely up to you, but we hope that All Saints will be a philanthropic priority for every All Saints family and ask that you make a gift that is meaningful to your family. No gift is too small and every gift is important and appreciated. Last year, the average gift size was $250, with gifts ranging from $15 to $10,000.
  • What is a matching gift?

    Many companies will match charitable contributions by their employees. The company helps to support worthy causes and the employee can maximize the amount donated to the charity. Many All Saints parents work for matching gift companies—please check with your human resources department or your employer to see if they will match your gift. If your gift is matched by your employer, the matched amount will be counted towards your total giving and acknowledged as such in the Annual Report.
  • What impact will my small gift have?

    Every gift, regardless of size, is important and appreciated and brings us closer to reaching our fundraising goal. Gifts of any size inspire more people to give; they are a vote of confidence in our school and our community.
  • What does the money from the The All Saints Fund go toward?

    Your investment in the The All Saints Fund supports all areas of the school. Gifts cover "value added" expenses like: 
    1. Enhance the breadth and depth of our curriculum
    2. Attract and retain the finest faculty
    3. Augment financial aid
    4. Technology improvements
    5. Sustain the operation and maintenance of our facilities and 150-acre campus
  • How will my Annual Fund gift be acknowledged?

    Your gift will be acknowledged in the Annual Report, which is distributed each spring and lists all donors to the school. If you prefer, you can make your gift anonymously by directing the Development Office to not list your name. If your gift is matched by your employer, the matched amount will be counted towards your total giving and acknowledged as such in the Annual Report.
  • Why not simply raise the tuition and eliminate The All Saints Fund?

    Like most other independent schools, All Saints relies on The All Saints Fund income to bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the expenses associated with operating the School. In addition, gifts to The All Saints Fund are completely tax deductible while additional tuition would not be.

Development Staff

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    Claire Hodges 

    Director of Annual Giving, Marketing, and Alumni Affairs
    (903) 579-6000 x1119
  • Photo of Ariana Riley

    Ariana Riley 

    Marketing & Development Assistant/Special Events Coordinator, and Community Liaison
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All Schools are institutions of higher learning, but All Saints is so much more than that. All Saints is an institution of dynamic, collaborative, innovative learning that is grounded in Christian Core Values all set in a nurturing family environment. We have been at All Saints going on 13 years.

Thirteen years ago, we felt that All Saints was the best private school—or school of any kind—in East Texas to start preparing Rex and Ty for college. Over the past several years, we have experienced so many amazing changes in curriculum and school facilities that now All Saints is considered one of the best schools not only in East Texas but the entire state. All Saints is even well known and respected nationally. The teachers and staff are what makes All Saints family. We have so many stories of Teachers going above and beyond for our boys through the years. How blessed we feel that our boys are at All Saints. 
The All Saints Fund is a necessity for our school because tuition alone only covers 80% of what it costs to educate each student. The All Saints Fund also helps make possible many of the exciting changes in curriculum we have experienced over the past few years. Also by keeping tuition as low as possible it helps make All Saints a financial option to a broader base of families. The All Saints Fund is also a great opportunity for all of All Saints - parents, teachers, staff, and alumni - to come together with a singular goal of making All Saints even better. We would love to see 100% participation by the matter the dollar amount show our All Saints teachers and staff how much we appreciate them and to make sure they have everything they need to inspire and teach our kids. B

y supporting the All Saints Fund we make sure that our school continues to be the dynamic, collaborative and innovative institution that we want for our students.  

Join us in donating to the All Saints Fund! Our goal is $275,000.         
                                                                  -Kishla and J.P. Davis