Academic excellence has always been a cornerstone of the challenging curriculum delivered in our nurturing, Christian environment that allows students explore their questions, passions, and interests in a hands-on, experiential learning environment
All Saints focuses on helping each student identify his or her individual talents and areas of interest and then teaches students how to build on those gifts for a lifetime of success. 
The result is a school where creativity and self-expression are encouraged, and students are engagedequipped and ready to lead into the 21st Century. Through our small classes, nurturing environment, and innovative programs students are inspired, encouraged, and compelled to become designers, developers, collaborators, and leaders ready to make a difference in the world.

All Saints Division Heads

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Jill Smith

    Jill Smith 

    Head of Early Learning
    903-579-6000 x3251
  • Photo of Amy Alsip

    Amy Alsip 

    Head of Lower School
  • Photo of Christina Huffman

    Crissy Huffman 

    Head of Middle School
    903-579-6000 x1112
  • Photo of Sarah White

    Sarah White 

    Head of Upper School
    (903) 579-6000 x 1109