April is Alumni Month

I encourage you to take a few minutes during April to reflect on the impact All Saints has had in your life: the academic knowledge, real-world experience, networking and the social experience that built the foundation for the future of your career. Then consider getting involved, attending an event, or simply writing to share your story.

This month, the alumni office is announcing the 2018 All Saints Trojan Challenge!  We are challenging all alumni classes to have the highest percentage of their members donate to the All Saints fund before April 30, 2018.  

To qualify, alumni make a minimum donation in the amount of their graduation year, i.e. Graduates from 1997 make a donation of $19.97, graduates from 2006 make a donation of $20.06
Of course, we won’t turn down additional amounts!

The winning class will have bragging rights for the next year, and their accomplishment will be listed in the annual report for all to see.
The All Saints Fund is our annual giving campaign that supports programs that are critical to the All Saints experience. Donations to The All Saints Fund are the additional investment of resources that ensures that we can continue to provide an innovative, creative, and memorable student experience that inspires and engages.
The All Saints Fund strengthens and sustains our operating budget as the cost of tuition does not fully fund our school.  Gifts to The All Saints Fund enable our school to continue to provide the very best educational experience for our students. We ask all families to please make All Saints one of your philanthropies of choice.

Every Alumni. Any Amount. Every Year.

Text your gift amount to