The All Saints Fund

The All Saints Fund is our annual giving campaign that supports programs that are critical to the All Saints experience. Donations to The All Saints Fund are the additional investment of resources that ensures that we can continue to provide an innovative, creative, and memorable student experience that inspires and engages.
The All Saints Fund strengthens and sustains our operating budget as the cost of tuition does not fully fund our school.  Gifts to The All Saints Fund enable our school to continue to provide the very best educational experience for our students. We ask all families to please make All Saints one of your philanthropies of choice.
"I want my current and future students to have access to the same innovative benefits that my children received. The All Saints Fund plays an important part in supporting our students! I hope you’ll join me and support All Saints as we celebrate 40 years."
Sharon Birtcher, 
The All Saints Fund Faculty Chair
Blake Birtcher, Class of 2013
Lauren Birtcher, Class of 2015

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To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we want to hear why you give to support All Saints! Share your story on social media by using #iGaveFor40 and #asestyler. You may also share your story by contacting
Charlotte Mullen at 903.579.6008.

Pillar of Your Choice:

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  • Academics

    Your gift to the academic pillar will enhance the student experience with the very best in innovative programs and learning spaces to inspire, encourage, and compel our students to excel.
  • Arts

    Donating to the Arts pillar fuels the passions of our students to reach their full potential in becoming musicians, actors, painters, sculptors, poets.
  • Athletics

    Your support of the athletic pillar will provide unique opportunities for our students to strengthen their talents and pursue their interests. 
  • Spiritual Growth

    As the premier Episcopal school in East Texas, we have the responsibility to develop 21st Century leaders who embrace the importance of spiritual growth.
  • Where the School Needs it Most

    While The All Saints Fund supports every area of the school, some needs are greater than others. Should a fund become oversubscribed, the school will use the funds where it is needed most.