Why I LOVE Back-to-School time...

These pictures are all great examples of why I love coming Back-to-School.

For over twenty-five years I have cherished the fresh start and amazing renewal that comes every August. Regardless of age there is something cathartic about coming back to school and having a chance to do again…maybe even better. Now when I was a child the end of summer was not a welcome event. As a matter of fact, it was probably a traumatic experience for my parents as I would violently go through the five stages of grief. However, I still recall that after acceptance came, and I was back at school, the opportunity to feel the connection with friends, learn with new teachers, and embark on new adventures was a liberating feeling and part of an important process for me. Today, I greet each new year with curiosity, excitement, faith, and hope for all a new school year can bring.

I am thankful for the opportunity to share in this renewal with students, teachers, and parents as we strive to be a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact. This year we have enjoyed unique opportunities to share in the “newness” of a new school year with new innovative learning spaces that allow students to explore their questions, passions, and interests in authentic, hands-on, experiential learning environments. The experiences our students have will ensure that creativity and self-expression are encouraged, and students are engaged, equipped and ready to lead into the 21st Century.

I encourage you to enjoy this season of renewal and the start of a new year.