Merry Christmas!!!!!!

As we enter the Holy season of Advent followed by the twelve days of Christmas, it is a time to ponder the gift of waiting. Not the waiting for a break from school days or the unwrapping of gifts, but the waiting for the coming of something great. Advent is the season of humble expectation and patient waiting for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus. Similarly, an academic community of students, parents, and teachers may acknowledge the need for patience as we await the fulfilment of the hard work, dedication and the dreams we have cast for our educational journey.

An education is a process…A process that is only realized after some time of waiting and patience, never in the instant. The goal of an education such as ours is something for which we must wait patiently in the attitude of hope and thankfulness. We must respect the process to enjoy the progress.

I hope that we can all enjoy the waiting of this season with our family, friends, and school community as we share our faith for the future. Merry Christmas!