21st Century Leadership

As I have enjoyed time with our students in the first weeks of the school year, I have been impressed by the authentic leadership displayed in and out of the classroom. Our students face a world of tremendous opportunity, but also cultural confusion and conflict, as well as rapid social and demographic change. It is important to equip our students to excel and thrive in such an environment…to guarantee these leaders of the 21st Century are knowledgeable, ethical and spiritually sensitive global citizens who command cultural insights and are empowered to change the world.
In classrooms and spaces all around All Saints Episcopal School, students of all ages are leading changes big and small. Everywhere around us, we see our students demonstrating acts of leadership to improve their classrooms, teams, and larger communities. When students discover their own leadership potential and take action, they are realizing the power of a transformational education. These opportunities are essential to help our students become 21st century leaders ready to address the challenges of tomorrow as strong communicators, critical thinkers, and creative problem-solvers who are, among other things, inquisitive, curious, empathetic, and collaborative.