2020 College Night Talk

Embrace the Journey
Being prepared for college is a process and college selection is part of finding yourself.
Our daughter Cailey toured 24 campuses, applied to 14 schools, and did overnight visits at more than a half dozen colleges. As she entered her senior year she was convinced that the Air Force Academy was the right next step for her. She was committed to this goal and went through all the many steps for qualification and was ready to go. In the spring she decided that she needed one more visit to a small, all women's college and Virginia. That visit was hard to accept that late in the process but it was the defining moment for her to realize what she really wanted. She was seeking a small niche school, a school that was deep in tradition, and a school that had a uniqueness. Both the Air Force Academy and Sweet Briar College filled those needs but in the end Sweet Briar became home for her.
The journey is important to finding a good fit and knowing when you have.
Success is not a straight line- Madeleine Levine

Cast Your Big Vision
You have to be willing to look beyond what you know to truly understand what your choices are and what will be the right fit for you. Be in control of your dreams and let your dreams be big to know the possibilities.
Along the journey our daughter toured 24 colleges from Colorado to Connecticut. None of the schools that ended up being in her top 10 were schools she knew growing up or really even before her research.
There are so many options out there...Dream BIG!

There is no “THE” right school
I googled how to find the “Right” college and I received 423 million suggestions (in .60 seconds btw)
3,300 Colleges and universities 
Don’t look for “The” right school, look for the right kind of school. There are literally dozens of campuses that would be “perfect” for all of us. Understand that the school is important but more important is your commitment to giving it your all and investing in the experience.