Injustice is dependent on indifference

Over the past several weeks, we have all been witness to our nation and the world grappling with unprecedented uncertainties and frustrations with the global pandemic.  In the most recent weeks, we have dealt with a range of emotions as we move back to some normalcy.   
In the last week we have faced the challenge of processing the tragic incident that claimed the life of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This disregard for human life cannot be ignored and rises in all of us a call for justice, call for love, call for reconciliation, and a call for change.  The challenge is how can we make a difference and be part of the change. We can all stand unified as we speak of love and speak out against injustice. Injustice is dependent on indifference. Over 50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at the National Cathedral about the “appalling silence and indifference of the good people who sit around and say, ‘Wait on time.’” We can't just wait we must say something.  

While systemic racism, oppression and marginalization and the coronavirus global health pandemic have been damaging to our community we all have power to influence the outcome. We have the power to support each other, share love, and be the light in the midst of darkness.

I know that All Saints Episcopal School was founded on the principles of celebrating every person as a valued and unique child of God. We have been a beacon of light in our community for honor, truth, wisdom, faith, family and service since 1976. I believe each member of our All Saints community has something to contribute to our larger community and the world. The diverse voices, perspectives, and the way our students and families share their love and talents fill me with hope in this challenging moment. 

Leadership is about showing up or saying something. Our students are daily challenged to “Ignite Passions to Impact Our World” and we need to strengthen our resolve to support and encourage them to help create a better world, a world in which reason and compassion prevail over ignorance and hatred.

In prayer,

Mike Cobb