Under Construction: It's A Process

This summer the All Saints Episcopal School campus will once again become the site of important construction and renovation projects across campus. As we excitedly plan for the tremendous impact the renovations and new construction will have on our campus it makes me ponder this idea of being “under construction.”

As a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact I believe we fully embrace the idea that we are always “under construction.” Beyond the bricks and mortar reference, we embrace that we are continually evolving as a school community to better prepare our students for the ever changing world.

We are committed to the idea that a meaningful learning process has transformational power in a child’s life. It is the yielding to the process that results in amazing things later in life. Indeed, John Dewey said more than a 100 years ago that education is a process of living, and not a preparation for the future living. So, we have to agree that every student needs the space to grow, learn, and thrive in their own unique way. We can certainly hope for certain markers along the way but they cannot become our focus.

Our mission of “Igniting Passions to Impact Our World” requires us to be curious and in the continual search for innovative ways to engage and inspire our students, teachers, parents and the communities we serve. It is the trend in our world today to desire “instant gratification” and to mark success with a check mark in the done category. However, I think we have to be bold and accept that there is no “done” category in our noble work of equipping leaders for tomorrow. Our journey is one that takes students and teachers into uncharted areas on a daily basis. As we embrace authentic experiences to empower our students with agency and ownership we fully understand the continuum of deeper learning. After all, we are all under construction.