The school had record enrollment of new students. The Outdoor Learning Center and STEM Zone were dedicated. 

The Outdoor Learning Center is an  amazing space that leverages the beauty of our natural surroundings and offer hands-on, authentic learning that inspires wonder and curiosity in our students. The Outdoor Learning Center is a unique classroom that allows students to learn about science in a natural, experiential environment that supports teamwork, stewardship, empathy, and real world problem solving. Our students are loving the new space and have already taken on several projects enhancing their understanding of ecology and our role in the world.
Our new STEM and Robotics Zone is igniting  passions for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with our 5th-8th graders that they didn't even know they had!! Situated in the middle of Genecov Hall, this space is a state-of-the-art STEM Lab. The Fabrication Zone is complete with 3D Printers, a laser engravers, an electronics station, and more. The robotic building zone lets our students create, collaborate, and challenge themselves in our own battlebot arena. Lastly, the lab features an interactive Virtual Reality zone that allows for learning simulations and digital experiences that are cutting edge. The beauty of the STEM Lab is its ability to not only inspire students but to teach them the value of learning, creating and providing the resources to have positive impact beyond the walls of a classroom.
Our Enhanced Entrance and Campus-Wide Security has been a major improvement for the safety and security for everyone on campus. The new Security Center feature armed security officers from early morning to night with manned-surveillance of over 100 views of the campus and license plate readers for all gates. The new entrance is a beautiful welcome to our campus that provides additional access, function, safety and security.