All Saints Re-Ignite Plan

1/10/22: Change to Protocols shown at bottom of this page, or read Mr. Cobb's email here

10/8/21: Change to Scenario 1: Read Mr. Cobb's email here
                Read Scenario 1 Guidelines

9/3/21: Guidelines Update: Read Mr. Cobb's email message here
              Read the new Guidelines

8/22/21: Back to School Guidelines Update: Read Mr. Cobb's email message here

8/16/21: Re-Ignite Update

7/30/21: Back to School Guidelines

5/10/21: Re-Ignite Update

                Effective 5/17/2021 We will transition to SCENARIO ONE

2/19/21: Re-Ignite Update - Change to 10-day quarantine
                Read Mr. Cobb's email message here
8/24/20: We have opened in SCENARIO TWO for the start of school.

Our top priority must be to keep our community safe while fulfilling our mission. We have created some general guidance for our Back-to-School procedures. There are numerous other details that have been worked through to support our overall plan and we know that together we can act confidently with an eye to the future while preparing our community for a safe school year. We will continue to stay in communication with local health officials and update as necessary.
This page will offer any updates to our detailed plans and additional information regarding our efforts to keep parents informed and our campus safe.

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