All Saints Re-Ignite Plan

8/2/20: We will open in SCENARIO TWO at the start of school.

The "All Saints Re-Ignite" Plan aims to define clear guidance for how we will return safely to campus for the 2020-2021 school year. Your support and encouragement of our dedicated team is necessary if we are to hold true to our values; grow together; build something new and powerful together.
Please check back for updates to our detailed "All Saints Re-Ignite" Plan and be a partner in getting us back on campus safely.
What is Scenario Planning?
Scenario Planning is the method in which All Saints is addressing COVID-19 and building a comprehensive and safe plan for reopening. All Saints is prepared for all 4 scenarios. This allows us an immense amount of flexibilty to pivot from one scenario to another is we feel the risk has increased or decreased. In consultation with local health authorities, we will use their COVID-19 assessments to evaluate our current situation and make decisions based on our scenario planning. 
ASES e-Learning Option
We are committed to continuing to provide the highest level of educational outcomes and we understand that on campus learning is not the best option in all scenarios for every family. Therefore, we have remote learning through ASES e-Learning based on your family’s individual needs. For more information, contact our admissions office for details regarding this enrollment option. 

Each scenario has its own document that outlines the details/guidelines for that scenario.

Video Series to Re-Ignite All Saints - How to Keep Us Safe

How to Pre-Screen your Child

All-In for All Saints Video

Social Distancing Video

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