Intermediate School

Intermediate School, consisting of 5th and 6th grades, is one of many transitions All Saints students make as they grow into young, independent adults. These years of rapid physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development can be challenging. At All Saints, faculty and staff support students as they seek a balance of wise and healthy choices in the ever-changing complexities of the adult world.

Students spend time with faculty in and out of class developing relationships that support each student’s positive development. In addition to the important curricular objectives, the Intermediate School is devoted to cultivating inspired students who take responsibility for their own learning in order to acquire the self-confidence necessary to become joyful and life-long learners.

Intermediate School students thrive in an environment that celebrates their boundless energy, unlimited questions, and eternal optimism. As an Independent School, All Saints faculty works with students and families to focus their energy, questions, and optimism toward the goal of developing students who are able to identify and solve problems, think critically, apply classroom learning to real-life situations, and view their world through intelligent and empathetic eyes.

Enrichments and Electives

  • Faith Formation
  • French
  • Mewbourne Math
  • Performing Arts
  • Spanish
  • Technology
  • Visual Arts


Intermediate School Staff

List of 3 members.

  • Kevin Crossno 

    Division Head of Intermediate and Middle School
    (903) 579-6000 x2114
  • Allison Motto 

    Intermediate/Middle School Dean of Students, Technologist, and 8th Volleyball Coach
    903-579-6000 x1219
  • Courtney Dowdy 

    Assistant to the Head of Intermediate and Middle School
    903-579-6000 x2116

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