The All Saints Fund

The All Saints Fund is our annual giving campaign. Its purpose is to strengthen and sustain our operating budget so that All Saints can continue to offer the programs and opportunities that make it so special.
As an independent school, All Saints operates without financial support from local, state, and federal governments. The school relies on tuition income, endowment income, and a strong All Saints Fund to maintain operations. Each year, our generous parents, grandparents, past parents, alumni, faculty and staff, Trustees, and administrators join together and give to The All Saints Fund to ensure that our students continue to have a life-changing experience and achieve excellence in learning.
Thank you so much to all of our faithful All Saints Fund donors. Here are just a few examples of what your 2014 - 2015 All Saints Fund was able to support and provide
  • New carpet in the Middle School
  • Fees to the state basketball tournament
  • Props and costumes for the All School Musical
  • Textbooks for theology class
  • Renovation of the Upper School greenhouse
Please consider making a gift to this year’s All Saints Fund. All gifts are tax-deductible and will make an immediate impact on each student! Your All Saints Fund gift makes a real difference to All Saints. We appreciate your ongoing support.

Pillar of Your Choice:

List of 5 items.

  • Discover Your Scholar

    The All Saints Fund allows our teachers to continue to become better educators and build upon their areas of expertise. Your gift to the academic pillar will enhance our rich curriculum, technology, the Learning Enrichment Center, and all educational efforts that will aid in Discovering Your Scholar. You may also give a gift in honor of a respected faculty member. 
  • Discover Your Artist

    Music, theater, and the visual arts enable our students to embrace new talents and passions thanks to your All Saints Fund support.  Donating to this pillar will allow our teachers to Discover Your Artist by inspiring a student to become a musician, an actor, a painter, a sculptor, or a poet.  You may also donate in honor of a fine arts faculty member who is inspiring your child to become an artist. 
  • Discover Your Athlete

    Athletics and physical education are important components of every student’s growth and development. Your support of the athletics pillar will further enable our coaches to Discover Your Athlete by advancing their athletic talents and providing them state-of-the-art programs and equipment. You may also give a gift in honor of a coach who is leading your child to success on and off the playing field. 
  • Discover Your Faith

    As the premier private school in East Texas, we have a responsibility to entrust in our students what it means to grow spiritually in the world today and with Christianity as our guiding faith. Funds to this pillar will support all financial aid, mission trips, and spiritual education. 
  • Where the School Needs it Most

    While The All Saints Fund supports every area of the school, some needs are greater than others. Should a fund become oversubscribed, the school will use the funds where it is needed most.
Why we love All Saints and why we give…
“It’s important. We have learned over the years just how important The All Saints Fund is to the school. Tuition doesn’t cover everything, and we rely on it to make All Saints what it is; a special place. We all have to decide what’s important to us and where we want to give our time and resources. Laura and I have determined that we can’t think of anything more important than Hanna’s future and making a difference in the lives of young people at All Saints. We want to increase awareness of the need for The All Saints Fund and build a foundation that can grow.”
Laura and Ken Waits
Hanna, Class of 2018