College Advising

College is not a prize to be won.  It is a match to be made.
 - Frank Sachs, past NACAC President and renowned Director of College Counseling at The Blake School

The purpose of the All Saints Episcopal School’s College Advising Office is to empower and educate each student through knowledge and an understanding of the search and application process while acting as the student and their family’s greatest ally and supporter.
We understand that each student’s journey is unique and pride ourselves on the personal attention provided to each student.  We expect that each student will take the initiative in their own process with guidance and support from the College Advising Office.  We will help guide self-reflection and evaluation regarding student needs and desires throughout a student’s time at ASES allowing the student the opportunity to find the best match school for them, which is our ultimate goal for each student

The formal college process begins during junior year.  However, at All Saints we initiate the college conversation during a student’s 8th grade conference and begin dedicated college programs in the 9th grade.  We believe the more education and knowledge we can provide to our students and families, the more prepared they will be for success throughout this journey.

There is often anxiety associated with the college process and it is our belief that through education, self-evaluation, and utilization of the college advisors, the process will be as stress-free as possible. Success in this journey will come from the student’s initiative, investment, choices, work ethic, and attitude.  We look forward to being next to your student every step of their journey.  Undoubtedly, an ASES education is an investment in your student’s future. Year after year, we watch our graduates enjoy success intellectually, socially, and personally at the colleges and universities they choose.  

College Advising Staff

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